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When individuals complete treatment programs, they are presented with multiple opportunities to abuse drugs. Sometimes, the temptation is too much to handle. Sober livings are designed to reduce those risks by providing a structured environment for residents to stay focused on their recovery.

Residents of sober living homes agree to:

Refrain from the use of substance abuse or self-destructive behaviors.

Continue to work on their addiction issues and support the recovery of others.

Develop a goal oriented, healthy and forward thinking lifestyle.

Avoid those who use and abuse drugs along with other triggers of relapse.

Researchers in one study tracked a group of recovering addicts after they left a rehab program. They found that 91 percent relapsed to use, and 59 percent of these people relapsed within one week of treatment. They didn't have the skills to navigate dangerous environments, nor an alternate space in which to live that could promote sobriety. A sober living home could have helped prevent these relapses.