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Foundations Recovery Network

As part of the Foundations Recovery Network, we believe that science-based treatments are the best solutions for addiction issues, and we design programs that can help people to deal with:

  • Addictions to illicit drugs
  • Alcohol addictions
  • Process addictions
  • Mental illnesses

If you are in need of an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment program, call us.

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Researchers have long known that people who are new to sobriety are different than those who have achieved a sustained form of abstinence. For example, in a study in the Journal of Substance Abuse, researchers found that people who had been abstinent for a year or longer had higher scores of self-efficacy, when compared to people new to recovery. These experienced sober people knew they could meet their challenges head on, and they were more likely to stay sober simply because they thought they could do so.

Gaining self-efficacy like this can be challenging, but sober living facilities might play a key role. Here, people have the opportunity to live with others at different stages in the recovery process, and sometimes, those new to sobriety learn valuable lessons from their experienced peers. Other times, the peers feel a boost from their work as role models, and they’re less likely to relapse as a result.

Even though these facilities can do amazing things, it’s sometimes difficult for people in recovery to find the right kind of program to meet their needs. They may not know of the right questions to ask, and they may not be sure of what benchmarks to use in order to compare one facility to another. We’re here to help.

The sober living communities we work with follow this roadmap to some degree, as each facility provides residents with a safe place to live while encouraging them to continue the hard work that leads to a sustained recovery. If you’re looking for a sober community, either for yourself or for someone you love, we hope you’ll browse this site at length and call us with any questions you might have about the recovery process. We’re here to help.