How Do I Know if Sober Living Is Right for Me?

sober living right for meSober living is one of the many options available to patients in aftercare once they have successfully completed a drug rehabilitation program. It’s not necessarily the right option for everyone, but is an excellent choice for patients who:

  • Are nervous about their ability to avoid relapse if they go home
  • Feel that stressful relationships or pressures at home will be too much for them to handle
  • Do not have a positive, drug-free home to return to
  • Need the integrated support options that come with sober living in addition to the monitoring and round-the-clock accountability
  • Are diagnosed with a mental health disorder as well as addiction and would benefit from more supervised time to learn how to manage their symptoms effectively
  • Would benefit from the positive peer support that comes with living with other housemates who are facing the same struggles and have the same goals

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Family Needs and Sober Living

Often, patients may feel that a sober living home will best help them to stay clean and sober after drug rehab but are concerned about their family members who are waiting for them to return home. The needs of dependent children and elderly family members as well as romantic relationships are important, but before the patient can be a part of any functional and healthy relationship, they must heal on a personal level first. That means:

  • Learning how to avoid relapse despite the stressors that come with personal relationships, work, etc.
  • Learning how to manage co-occurring mental health symptoms
  • Learning how to communicate effectively with others and coexist with people who have different opinions or interests
  • Working through underlying trauma or abuse issues
  • Addressing dysfunctional ideas about relationships
  • Becoming more independent and self-confident through continued growth in recovery, finding and maintaining a job, and achieving addiction treatment goals

Benefits of Sober Living

Remaining drug- and alcohol-free after addiction is not easy. Sober living homes serve to provide patients in recovery with the accountability, support, and access to services that they need to make it as easy as possible. Here are just a few benefits that patients who opt for sober living can expect:

  • 24-hour support from an in-house manager
  • Housemates who are also drug- and alcohol-free and in recovery
  • House rules that promote the emotional and physical well-being of all residents and staff
  • Access to therapeutic referrals and resources
  • In-house holistic treatment options
  • Job skills and job-seeking support
  • Life skills support and assistance
  • Family visiting days, family therapy options, and other family support services

What Is Your Best Option in Aftercare Services?

Like everything in recovery, your choice in aftercare services should be highly personalized and chosen according to your unique challenges in recovery and what you need to most effectively remain relapse-free. If you are at all concerned about your ability to stick to recovery principles if you leave a 24-hour care program, then it is recommended that you prioritize your ability to remain relapse-free and opt for a sober living program. Here you will have round-the-clock support that will aid you in continuing to make positive choices that advance your recovery.

If you aren’t sure if a sober living home is right for you, contact us today. We can help you assess the situation.