What Is the Best Sober Living Choice for Me?

best sober living for meJust as there are a wide range of addiction treatment services to choose from to create a unique experience in rehabilitation, so too are there a number of choices in sober living that will allow you to personalize your experience after you leave drug rehab. You can opt to create your own unique experience in sober living by choosing to take part in any combination of the following:

  • Residential sober living home
  • Outpatient therapeutic treatment
  • 12-step meetings
  • Educational advancement
  • Job skills training
  • Alternative therapies

Your journey in recovery is uniquely your own. With a wide range of holistic and traditional therapeutic options as well as the in-home support provided by sober living, education and job skills training options, you can ensure that the months following your initial phase of recovery in drug rehab are productive and enable your progression into a stable life in sobriety.

Types of Sober Living

How will you best serve your recovery after all the hard work you did in your first few weeks at drug rehab? There are a number of choices in aftercare that will aid you in continuing the progress you started during addiction treatment.

  • Halfway houses. Halfway houses usually offer the bare bones of support in recovery: room and board, curfews, drug testing and basic case management. Though patients have access to outside outpatient therapy, job skills training, and educational advancement if they choose, it is not often a part of the sober living program.
  • Sober living estates. Sober living estates are often in a rural location and occupy large pieces of land in order to provide residents with lots of outdoor areas for recreation and meditation. Though they may bus residents into urban areas or local towns regularly, their focus is on continued therapeutic progress.
  • Sober living rehabilitation centers. Some sober living homes actively incorporate therapy into the daily schedule and provide outings for residents, or they are close enough to urban centers that residents can easily begin the process of finding and maintaining a job, house hunting, or enrolling in an educational program.
  • Intensive outpatient care. Some residents choose to stay home at night but spend their days in an intensive outpatient drug rehab program that helps them to maintain a steady focus on recovery from mental health issues, addiction issues and impulsive behavior, and learn how better to communicate and function on a day-to-day basis.

Personalize Your Sober Living Experience

How can you make your time in sober living uniquely yours? You can create your own experience in sober living when you begin with a comprehensive treatment plan designed based on:

  • The progress you made in drug rehab
  • Co-occurring mental health issues
  • Basic needs for support during and after sober living
  • Your goals for your life after you leave sober living

Where do you see yourself next year? In five years? How will you best get there? Do you need to continue to see a psychiatrist in order to make sure that your mental health meds remain balanced? Do you need to find a college that offers the degree or certificate that will help you to begin your life in your new career? Do you need to attend family therapy sessions to work on your marriage or your relationship with your children or other family members?

The choice is yours. Contact us at the phone number listed above today to put the foundational block of sober living into place and begin the next phase of your life in recovery.