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Addictions are considered chronic conditions that can be managed, but often, the risk of relapse looms large in the life of a person in recovery. The days that follow addiction treatment are particularly dangerous for a person in recovery, as a slide back into old habits might seem almost inevitable.

In a study of the issue, in the journal Addiction, researchers found that relapses after treatment could be attributed to many factors, including:

  • Association with peers who use and abuse drugs
  • Short stays in treatment
  • Leaving treatment too early
  • High levels of stress or depression
While a sober living home might not be able to correct all of these issues, those who live in facilities like this may find that their association is protective. They’re shielded from their drug-using friends, their length of time in treatment might be extended, and their levels of stress and depression might fade due to their association with sober peers.If you’ve been thinking of enrolling in a sober home, or you know of someone who might benefit from an environment like this, we hope you’ll contact us. We have trained counselors standing by who can answer your questions on the recovery process, and we can even conduct a customized search of homes that could help you. We’re available around the clock, and all calls are confidential. Please call us ((866) 972-0320).
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