Bay Area Sober Living

Bay Area Sober Living

Company: Bay Area Sober Living


Location: San Francisco, California

For people with addictions, spending time with other users can be dangerous, even if they’re in recovery. Sometimes, according to an article in the journal Group Analysis, people in recovery may spend time discussing their enjoyment of drugs, the good times they had when they were high and their fervent desire to take drugs again. There are times, however, when spending time with others in recovery is the best thing a person can do. Other addicts understand how addiction works, and they also know how hard it can be to correct the damage. If people in recovery live together, they may be able to support one another, learn from one another and heal together.

That’s the model of care provided by Bay Area Sober Living. This upscale sober residence provides a healing space for both men and women who need a little more support in order to live in their communities without relapsing to addiction.

The facility is located in San Rafael, California, about 15 minutes from San Francisco. Both single occupancy and double occupancy rooms are available, and a fully equipped community kitchen and outdoor barbeque area allows residents to come together over meals and share their challenges and victories experienced on a daily basis.

People who live in Bay Area Sober Living must have 30 days of sobriety behind them, and they must have proof of a medical detoxification that started the process. In addition, residents are asked to:

  • Participate in 12-step meetings in the community
  • Work with a sponsor in a 12-step group
  • Pass weekly drug and alcohol tests
  • Work, go to school or volunteer in the community five days per week

If you can meet these requirements and you’ve been looking for a sober community in the San Francisco area, Bay Area Sober Living might be the right choice for you. Please call us to find out more.