Hope Homes

Hope Homes

Company: Hope Homes

Website: http://hopehomesrecovery.org/

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School suggests that alcoholics aren’t likely to return to abusive drinking patterns if they can achieve a sobriety that lasts for at least five years. People who abuse drugs might also fit this pattern, as an extended period of sobriety seems to reset the clock of addiction, allowing people to create new habits that can persist for the rest of life. Hope Homes in Atlanta provides services that can help people move from the early stages of recovery, when healing is new and fragile, to a robust period of recovery, when the person feels strong and capable.

Hope Homes provides a safe and sober place for women and men as they heal from an addiction, and they combine that residential care with a variety of additional services, including:

  • Referrals to counseling or outpatient care
  • Counselors who live on site, available to help residents 24 hours per day
  • In-house support groups
  • Weekly community meetings

Just finding a sober place to live in Atlanta could be beneficial for some clients, but this wraparound care could also be of intense help to people in recovery from addiction. Each resident is assigned to a counselor, and that pair works hard to help design a life that’s productive and healthy. Issues of addiction are discussed and addressed, but counselors may also help clients to find jobs, acquire skills or volunteer in the community. Counselors might also help clients to stay sober, as they’ll conduct periodic screenings for drug and alcohol use. A relapse typically means that the treatment plan needs an adjustment, and those who begin to use are referred to a higher level of care.

Hope Homes in Atlanta is appropriate for anyone who needs a little extra care in order to maintain sobriety in an uncertain world. Please call us to find out more about this program.