Ken Seeley Recovery Community

Ken Seeley Recovery Community

Company: Intervention 911


Location: Los Angeles, California

Some sober living communities are designed to house people who are new to the recovery process. These people are enrolled in an outpatient addiction treatment program, and they just need a safe and sober place in which to live while they complete that work and begin to pull together a healthy life. The Ken Seeley Communities are different. These facilities are designed for people who have completed a treatment program but need a little more help in order to truly stay sober.

Research suggests that this tapered approach to care can be intensely helpful for some people. For example, in a study in the journal Addiction, researchers found that people who moved into community facilities during care were more likely to relapse to drug use when compared to people who enrolled in inpatient care and then moved into residential facilities when those programs were through. As studies like this make clear, tapering really works.

In a Ken Seeley Recovery Community, clients are given access to a luxurious and restful hotel environment that can promote healing and relaxation. The beauty of the facilities shouldn’t detract from the real work that goes on here, however, as clients are also expected to:

  • Stay sober, and pass drug testing if needed
  • Stick to a healthful schedule
  • Attend support group meetings and/or therapy sessions, as needed
  • Build up life skills, including those associated with personal finance, health and work
  • Eat nutritious meals
  • Focus on physical fitness

Community resources, as well as in-house experts, can help clients to achieve these goals and learn more about staying healthy in the future. If you’d like to find out more about these programs, please call us.