Company: Lifeline


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Two facilities on the outskirts of Atlanta are operated by LifeLine Recovery Residences. One, located in Dunwoody, is designed just for women. The other, situated in Doraville, is designed to house men. Both facilities provide easy access to local resources, including mass transit and public parks, but the help provided within the walls might be of the most benefit to people who are new to the addiction recovery process.

The program administrators at LifeLine hope to provide clients with the structure and personal accountability that can help them to stay sober in the months and years to come. A key part of the program’s effectiveness lies in the use of 12-step concepts. Each person who participates in a LifeLine community is expected to:

  • Attend support group meetings in the community
  • Attend support group meetings within the facility
  • Study the 12 steps and the 12 traditions
  • Work with a sponsor
  • Explore the spiritual side of the recovery process

It might seem unusual to demand that people participate in support groups like this, but research suggests that this approach can be helpful for people with addictions. For example, in a study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, researchers found that attending 12-step meetings was associated with sobriety, and people were more likely to attend if they were encouraged to do so by their treatment providers. By requiring participation, program administrators may be ensuring that clients learn the vital lessons that can help them to avoid temptation in the months that follow.

LifeLine administrators conduct intensive interviews, ensuring that potential clients are committed to long-term recovery and ready to make meaningful changes in their lives. If you think you’re ready to make this kind of commitment, please call us. We can explain this program in detail and help you to get started.