Ohio House


Ohio House

Company: Ohio House

Website: http://ohio-house.com/

Location: Costa Mesa, California

William S. Burroughs once wrote, “If you have never been addicted, you can have no clear idea what it means to need junk with the addict’s special need. You don’t decide to be an addict. One morning you wake up sick and you’re an addict.” He was suggesting that most people who have addictions simply drift along in their substance abuse until they’ve developed a set of habits over which they have no control. It happens slowly, and recovery might also move at a slow pace.

At Ohio House, people in recovery have access to the environment, the peers and the tools they might need in order to change their habits for the better. The urge to use might always be in the background, but the discipline people pick up through their association with Ohio House might help them to resist the temptations that surround them.

Ohio House is located in Costa Mesa, California, just a short bike ride away from the beach and close to amenities, including:

  • Local colleges
  • Shopping
  • Employment opportunities
  • Major freeways

Men who move into Ohio House are expected to follow a strict set of rules regarding sobriety, and they also are expected to continue to move forward with their recovery by attending support group meetings and participating in periodic drug and alcohol testing. A house manager lives on site, ensuring that the rules are followed, and the founder of Ohio House is also available to provide encouragement and support on a regular basis.

The founders of Ohio House are passionate about long-term recovery, and each resident is encouraged to focus on the future and plan for the better days ahead. Self-sufficiency and healing are stressed, but the communal-style living of the house ensures that residents also function as a family that works together for the benefit of all.

If you’d like to learn more about the Ohio House rules and structure, please call us.