The Alexander House – Women’s

The Alexander House – Women’s

Company: The Alexander House - Women's


Location: Palm Springs, California

For women with addictions, recovery presents some unique challenges. For example, in a study in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, researchers found that women with addictions were likely to have a spouse or a sibling who also abused drugs, and these women also tended to progress from use to abuse at a rapid pace. Studies like this suggest that women with addictions need intensive help in order to heal, and they may need safe and sober places to live in order to really change their lives. For women who need help like this, but who want to maintain a certain luxurious standard of living, The Alexander may be a good fit.

This sober living community is located south of downtown Palm Springs. The original facility was built in 1956, and it’s been recently renovated to provide residents with unparalleled luxury as they heal. Each room provides:

  • Easy access to a beautiful pool
  • Two bedrooms
  • A separate living area
  • A fully equipped kitchen outfitted with new appliances
  • Satellite television
  • Internet access
  • Luxury linens

Residents may attend support group meetings in the community, and they may continue to work with their therapists on addiction education, but The Alexander also provides some services clients may find vital to their healing. For example, program administrators can provide clients with coaching on vital life skills, including problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Contracted community providers may also provide recovery coaching, medication oversight and equine therapy, further boosting the gains made in the addiction treatment program. With this help, women may find the inner strength and resolve to resist drugs and alcohol.

If you’d like to find out more about availability and cost, please contact us.