TLC Sober Living

TLC Sober Living

Company: TLC Sober Living


Location: San Francisco, California

Recovering from an addiction often means getting advice from others and accepting the help they’re willing to provide. Sometimes, however, giving assistance to others is just as helpful as accepting assistance. That’s the opinion of researchers writing in the journal Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, who found that alcoholics in recovery rated helping other alcoholics as the most important factor in their own healing process. Reaching out to others, and accepting help from others, is easier to accomplish when people live in a sober living home. Those who choose TLC Living Homes may find that the networking and support they have access to makes a real difference in the rest of their lives.

In California, TLC is the largest provider of sober living homes, and many are located in San Francisco. Each home is slightly different, however, due to the influence of the residents who live there. Some are made for men, and others are designed to house women. Some homes have a comfortable and home-like feel, while others seem a little more formal. Some have residents on the older end of the spectrum, while others seem to attract younger people. This variety makes TLC a good choice for people in recovery, as they’ll have many options to choose from as they look for solutions to their addiction issue.

The entry requirements to TLC homes are modest, and include:

  • A commitment to the recovery process
  • A desire to participate in the healing of self and others
  • Understanding of and ability to adhere to the rules of the facility
  • Ability to pay the fees, which are nominal
  • Minimum 30-day commitment
  • 24 hours of sobriety
  • 18 years of age

If you’d like to know more about these facilities, or you’d like to find out more about enrolling in care, please contact us.