Company: Transcend


Location: Santa Monica, California

People with a history of addiction often feel as though they’re retracing their steps, doing the same things over and over again. Research suggests that their feelings aren’t misplaced. For example, in a study in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, researchers found that 86 percent of adults who participated in addiction programs moved from using to sobriety at least once during three years, and 36 percent of people made this loop twice during the study period. Transcend Sober Living in Santa Monica hopes to break that cycle for men with addictions.

The facility operated by Transcend in Santa Monica is a sober living community, in which residents agree to abstain from all addictive substances. The facility does more than just create a healing environment, however, as the program also provides:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction counselors
  • Around-the-clock care
  • Transportation to addiction care
  • Full-time nutritional staff that provides organic meals each evening

This type of help is somewhat rare among sober living communities, as many don’t provide any kind of counseling assistance to residents. The founders of Transcend Sober Living, however, felt that some clients needed access to help that was always available and easy to access. Hiring a counselor and installing mental health staff on site just seemed like the best way to help these clients.

Residents are encouraged to spend time together and learn from one another. Social outings make these interactions easier to accomplish, and residents are provided with annual trips to both Mammoth and Big Sur. Transcend Sober Living also provides access to boxing instructors and surfing instructors, and many residents choose to incorporate these activities into their social lives. Less active adults might still enjoy the pool available on site, as well as the easy access to shopping and restaurants.

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