Why Choose a Male-Only Sober Living Home?

male only sober livingThere are a number of specific characteristics to choose from when deciding which sober living situation will be most effective for your loved one, and one of them is whether or not to choose a gender-specific sober living home or one that is coed.

For men, the option of a male-only sober living situation is often ideal. It provides a number of benefits and allows them to sidestep many pitfalls in recovery that can accompany a coed living situation. Learn more about the benefits and considerations of male-only sober living homes when you contact us at the phone number listed above today.

What Is a Male-Only Sober Living Program?

A male-only sober living program offers a safe and secure living situation that includes room and board only to male patients in recovery. Counselors in residence are usually male as well, though case managers and other addiction treatment providers and therapists who come to the house may be female.

A male-only sober living home does not necessarily bar women from visiting the estate; however, there are usually very strict rules on when visitors, including women, can be in attendance and where they are allowed to go within the home. For example, there are often rules barring men and women from being alone together in any of the rooms during visits.

What Are the Benefits of a Male-Only Sober Living Home?

There are a number of benefits that men can hope to enjoy when they opt for a sober living home for men only. These include:

  • The ability to focus on one’s own recovery. In general, the styles of communication and foci of problems vary between men and women in recovery. Sometimes these differing styles and perspectives can cause an unnecessary clash amongst residents and take the focus off continual progress in recovery.
  • Less temptation. It’s easy to bond with other housemates in a sober living situation, and it can be tempting to get involved in a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, too often this decision can subvert recovery efforts, and as a result, it is against the rules in almost every sober living situation.
  • Safety in therapy groups. Men often find it difficult to share some of the most painful things they’ve experienced – things that are often at the root of their addiction problems. Many men feel safer talking through these issues in a group environment characterized by other patients who may have been through similar things and simply feel more comfortable sharing when women are not present.

Is a Gender-Specific Sober Living Situation Right for Your Loved One?

It’s important to take into consideration the needs of your loved one on a personal level when choosing the right sober living situation for their needs. For some male patients, a male-only residence will improve their comfort level in all situations and increase their ability to remain focused on continued therapy, 12-step meetings, gaining sober time, and putting into place all the puzzle pieces that are necessary to create a life in sobriety.

Discuss the different options available to your loved one – including the choice between a gender-specific and coed sober living home – when you contact us at the phone number listed above.

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