Managing a Career While in Sober Living

career in sober livingMany find that their careers either come to an abrupt halt or slowly decline as alcohol and drug addiction take over. Many so-called “functional” addicts and alcoholics even postpone treatment when they know they need it because they are concerned about losing their career.

The good news is that drug rehab can be the first step toward regaining all that was lost in your career during active addiction, and a sober living home, rather than thwarting your return to your career, can aid you in maintaining your sobriety as you handle the stresses that come with going back to work.

Reconnecting With Your Career in Sober Living

Many addicts in recovery are excited about returning to work but nervous as well. A number suffer damage to their career and their reputation as a result of active addiction, and repairing that damage is no simple task. Rebuilding broken trust and proving that you are on the right track for the long haul is a feat that can only be accomplished through:

  • Demonstration. You need to be on time and present, going above and beyond to do your part and contribute in a positive way to the projects you are working on.
  • A positive attitude. People may treat you badly due to your previous behavior under the influence. Though it may not be easy to handle, if you are graceful under the stress of attack, you will begin to earn people’s respect as you put your addiction behind you.
  • Determination. It’s not easy to alter people’s opinions of you. They may have lost money, time, or both due to your addiction – or know of people who did – and may not be excited about taking that risk again. Don’t give up. You aren’t the first to come back from addiction, and you will be able to put your past behind you by continuing to stay focused and driven.
  • A plan for contingencies. Even if you cannot immediately reinsert yourself in the position you held prior to leaving for rehab, make a plan to get back to that point or choose a different, more suitable goal for your talents. Creating a plan characterized by steps that are achievable each day (e.g., reaching out to different people by email, attending networking events, updating your resume, going to interviews, doing consulting work, etc.) will help you to see your progress toward your goal.

Starting a New Career in Sober Living

For some, returning to a career obliterated by addiction is impossible. Some addicts suffer the loss of their license or experienced so much damage to their reputation in their professional career that attempting to return after rehab is not likely to be successful.

What can you do next? Pick a new goal. What limited you in your old career? What hopes did you have, or what dreams did you hold for yourself that you simply didn’t have time to address before? Recovery opens the door to a whole new life – one that you define according your personality and interests.

Sober living can help you to accomplish those goals with ongoing at-home support and therapeutic growth. Contact us today at the phone number listed above and learn more about how we can help you get your career back on track now.

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