Why Choose a Female-Only Sober Living Home?

female only sober livingWomen often function well in groups, thriving and bonding within the context of positive female social support. A female-only sober living home provides female patients with the benefits that come with this unique social situation. So few places in the world are safe and sheltered in a way that is gender-specific. To choose a sober living home that includes only female housemates can be a huge boon to many women in recovery, and increase their ability to progress therapeutically as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

How Will a Female-Only Sober Living Situation Increase the Chances of Success in Recovery?

In many women’s drug histories, a romantic relationship – or relationships – plays a prominent role in some way. They may have first been introduced to drugs and alcohol by an ex-flame or “graduated” to the drug that ultimately took over their life through a boyfriend. Still others may have avoided treatment for longer than they should have out of fear of losing their partner. Many women struggle with getting involved in abusive relationships or otherwise dysfunctional partnerships with men. Choosing a sober living home that houses only females can help them to remain focused on their own health and well-being and avoid the pitfall of getting involved in a relationship in the house that could thwart their recovery.

Why Are Relationships a Bad Idea in Early Recovery?

Though it is not a hard and fast rule that patients in recovery remain single, it is recommended that they:

  • Avoid dating or starting new relationships
  • Avoid focusing on a current relationship
  • Prioritize stability and function over matters of the heart for the time being

Why? Relationships are emotional, and emotions can be overwhelming in early recovery. The “high” of a new romance can be intoxicating, but the letdown of a breakup – even if the relationship was short-term or little more than a “crush” – can be devastating – devastating enough to trigger a relapse, which in turn can lead back to a full-blown addiction.

The Issue of Emotional Safety

Another protective aspect of female-only sober living is therapeutic safety. Women who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol are more likely to be the victims of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, or physical abuse, often at the hands of man. Healing from this trauma is an integral part of a successful recovery, and discussing issues of this sensitive nature in front of other male patients may not feel comfortable to women. Choosing a female-only sober living situation means that women who have been the victim of trauma and abuse may feel safer at every level.

Should You Choose a Female-Only Sober Living Home?

Whether or not a female-only sober living program is right for you is a personal decision. It’s important to try to view the issue objectively and be honest about your ability to remain focused during recovery when in a coed situation. Because your ongoing success in abstinence from drugs and alcohol as well as your ability to continue to grow and become stronger in sobriety is the priority above all else, if living in a coed sober living home has the potential to threaten your progress in any way, it is recommended that you opt for a gender-specific sober living estate that can provide you with the best possible care and support.

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