Can I Work While Staying at a Sober Living Home?

work while in sober livingNot only is working in the community an option when you are living in a sober living home, it is encouraged. Those who are active in their careers or hoping to rebuild their careers after addiction often do so with the support of a sober living home because the at-home support in recovery increases their chances of success in the workplace.

Because work is stressful and reclaiming your spot in your field – especially if your reputation and work performance history have been damaged by substance abuse – can be difficult, having the ongoing support of a sober environment and sober peers at home can make all the difference in the world in terms of accountability and ongoing growth through treatment. It can also increase the chances of success in both career and recovery.

Continuing Career

For professionals fighting a substance abuse problem, a sober living home can provide them with the ability to engage at work during the day as well as the accountability to avoid drinking or getting high in work situations. It’s not uncommon to be tempted to have a drink with clients or attend work functions where alcohol is present. The structure provided by a sober living home can help residents maintain their work obligations and still remain focused on the principles of sober living. In some cases, a sober companion can accompany the resident to the work function if it has the potential to trigger a relapse.

Starting a New Career

For some, maintaining or returning to a career is not an option. Rather than defining the end of something, this experience can open the door to exciting new opportunities and the chance to follow a path that might have been nothing more than a dream prior to rehab. Sober living can assist in this process by offering:

  • Access to job training
  • Aid in preparation for college entrance
  • Support while returning to school or undergoing training
  • Help with preparation for job interviews
  • Support as a new job begins

Finding a Job

Often the first order of business in recovery is to find a job – any job. Sober living is a great place to work hard and save money as residents build up sober time in recovery. The application process and managing a work schedule as well as therapy sessions, house meetings, 12-step meetings, and other therapeutic treatments is preparation for independent life in recovery after sober living.

Benefits of Working

Whether you need to or not, working after addiction provides a number of positive benefits to ongoing recovery. Among these are:

  • Positive way to fill the time
  • Way to meet new people outside of recovery who have a common interest
  • Ability to make money and support oneself or give more to others if the money is not needed to pay bills
  • Avenue to a new and interesting career that is engaging and provides a stronger self-esteem and a positive sense of self

Learning how to live without drugs and alcohol begins in rehab but sober living provides residents with the opportunity to put those lessons into practice while maintaining the therapeutic support found in a recovery setting. Learn more about how you or your loved one can benefit from sober living when you contact us at the phone number listed above.