How to Choose a Sober Living Home

choose a sober living homeThe type of sober living home you choose should be based on a combination of factors weighted according to importance:

  • Your therapeutic team’s recommendation
  • Your goals and hopes for the future
  • Your family’s ability to remain involved in your recovery
  • Your ability to commute to the community where you will be building a life in recovery

Your unique situation created by your experience in addiction, your triggers for relapse, your ongoing needs in terms of mental health treatment, and your family will all come together to help point you in the right direction. A frank and honest discussion with an admissions coordinator can help you to find the right program after you have discussed the matter with your team of treatment professionals in rehab and your family.

Sober living homes are one of the most effective ways to firmly embed yourself in recovery after leaving the 24-hour therapeutic environment provided by drug rehab. Contact us today to learn more about the sober living options available to you.

Your Readiness

After drug rehab, everyone must continue to work toward their recovery. Some are at different levels of readiness, however, when it comes to facing the temptations that often come with building a completely new life for oneself. Most addicts in recovery will need to:

  • Find a home that is conducive to sober living on a budget
  • Find a job that will not be too stressful or put them in close proximity to drugs or alcohol on a regular basis
  • Make new friends who are also clean and sober
  • Continue to seek treatment for ongoing mental health issues or physical ailments

When you find a sober living home that empowers you to do all of these things and does not inhibit your progress in any area crucial to your ongoing sobriety, you have found the right sober living situation for you.

Your Goals for Recovery

What do you hope to achieve in the next six months in terms of your recovery? A new job? Start a new school program? Reunite with family members? Find a new place to live? The right sober living situation will increase your ability to accomplish these goals, but the wrong one can throw you off course or, worse, put you in a situation that jeopardizes your ability to stay sober. For example, if there is a sober living home that seems to fit your needs but is too far of a commute for your family to meet with you regularly, and working through problems at home is central to your recovery and your ability to eventually move back home, then it won’t work. Finding a sober living program that will allow you to find a new job and begin working or attending school, take part in 12-step meetings and other aftercare services in the community, and involve family members appropriately is the best option.

How Do You Know if a Sober Living Home Will Give You What You Need for Your Recovery?

It can take time to find a sober living situation that will meet your needs. In many cases, it can put your recovery in jeopardy if you move too quickly and make a poor choice. Do your research and find out what is available to you and then discuss these options with your therapeutic team and your family members who will need to be a part of your aftercare. Taking your time to weigh the pros and cons will help to ensure that you have what you need when you arrive.

To get started, contact us at the phone number listed above and learn more about how we can help you find the right sober living situation for your needs.