Can I Be Reunited With My Children in Sober Living?

children in sober livingFor parents who have been separated from their children during their stay in drug rehab, one of their major foci is to be reunited with their children as quickly as possible. Though there are some sober living homes that cater to parents, particularly single mothers, and allow for their children to stay in the home, this is rare. In most cases, residents are advised to allow their children to stay with a relative while they focus on their recovery in a sober living home.

Visitation, however, is not only allowed but also encouraged. Family visiting days are open to everyone, including children. In some cases, special visitation or more frequent visitation with children may be allowed depending upon the circumstances.

Child Custody Disputes

It is not uncommon for parents to lose their children to the courts, to the other parent, or to another family member when active addiction takes over. It’s often the reason or one reason why patients seek treatment and work so hard to break free from drug abuse and addiction. While stabilizing in recovery is often one of the requirements of the court to reunite with the child, if there is a court order in place that bars the formerly addicted parent from seeing their children, this won’t be negated by treatment. Only a new court date that addresses the issue and a new court order that specifies a new visitation arrangement will allow for a change to the current lack of visitation.

When a parent is new to recovery, one option to request in court is supervised visitation that allows them to see their child or children under the supervision of a court-approved third party. Another option is to ask that the custodial party bring the child to the sober living home for a few hours at a time. Each situation is unique, and residents are encouraged to seek legal counsel to aid them in addressing the issue in a manner that is positive and prioritizes the best interest of the child.

Becoming a Better Parent in Recovery

Even if the goal of immediate reunification with a child is not possible, resident parents are encouraged to make the most of their time in sober living by solidifying their position in recovery and doing as much as possible to secure a safe home and support system for their child. This can include:

  • Taking parenting classes
  • Finding a safe place to live that has room for everyone
  • Securing and maintaining a job that will provide for the family
  • Breaking free from relationships that are not positive for the children
  • Remaining relapse-free and dedicating oneself to ongoing recovery to ensure an ongoing clean and sober status

A Focus on the Future

Parents in search of a sober living situation that will allow them to continue on their road to recovery after addiction are to be congratulated. Continuing their journey in recovery at a sober living home is the most efficient way to ensure ongoing sobriety and sustained recovery for the long-term. The next step is to prepare for independent living that prioritizes the sobriety that will facilitate positive parenting. Learn more about the sober living options that are available when you contact us at the phone number listed above. We’re standing by to assist you.