Are There Semi or Private Rooms in Sober Living?

private rooms in sober livingYes. There are both semi-private rooms that are shared between two residents and private rooms that are occupied by one resident alone in sober living homes. Both have their benefits, and both are characterized by the same attention to detail and luxury living that defines the community living spaces and the grounds of a sober living estate.

Benefits of a Semi-Private Room

One of the biggest enemies of long-term sobriety is isolation. It’s easy to sequester oneself away during early recovery and spend more time watching TV or reading than learning how to live with other people. Why do patients in early recovery often make the choice to isolate? It can be uncomfortable to learn how to interact with others without alcohol or drugs after years of communicating in no other way. Often patients are still learning how to be comfortable with themselves or “in their own skin,” and dealing with the unexpected when it comes from other people seems like an avoidable difficulty.

One of the benefits of sober living is the opportunity for residents to learn how to live with other people. Managing the ins and outs of sharing community living spaces, eating together, and sharing chores is important. The semi-private room experience allows residents to take this lesson one step further and learn how to negotiate allowing someone else to live in their personal space as well as learning how to be respectful and tolerant of other people and their quirks.

Benefits of a Private Room

In some cases, a private room may be ideal in sober living. When a resident has a high level of personal issues to deal with, it can be more comfortable for everyone if they have the space to handle their issues privately. Some possible circumstances that may warrant this situation include:

  • A demanding career that requires a high amount of intensive focus time
  • A school program that requires a great deal of studying or space to spread out to do projects
  • A mental health issue that is best handled with periods of rest or characterized by symptoms that are not yet managed at all times
  • A physical health issue that requires a great deal of rest or quiet for healing

However, it should be noted that a private room should not be used as an “escape” in any of these situations but more of a regrouping area that allows patients to find their center of balance or accomplish needed tasks before returning to communal living.

Is a Semi-Private or Private Room Right for You?

As with everything in recovery and addiction treatment, the choices you make should be based upon what you have learned about yourself thus far in addiction and treatment, where you currently are in your journey of recovery, your goals for your future, and your personal circumstances. Ask yourself the following questions to decide which style of room would be better suited to your needs:

  • Do you need to work on getting along better with others?
  • Do you have outside issues (e.g., school, work, ailments, etc.) that may prevent you from being a positive roommate for someone else?
  • What are your goals for the future? Will you be living in roommate situations or with family members later on, a situation that would be improved by practicing how to live in close quarters with other people now?

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