Sober Living Staff

sober living staffOne of the benefits of some sober living homes is that there are staff members in the house at all times, ready and available to assist residents. A relatively large group of people, all of these staff members work to help the residents to:

  • Create and follow a treatment plan
  • Remain accountable to treatment goals
  • Follow house rules
  • Provide therapeutic support

The more people there are available to residents, the more comprehensive the support system.

Daytime Staff

During the day, there may be a couple of staff members in the house: a house manager and/or a case manager as well as various therapists that come and go. These may include:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Yoga instructors
  • Massage therapists
  • Life coaches
  • Personal therapists
  • Security

Some homes offer in-home treatment and therapy sessions like acupuncture or yoga classes, and for these sessions, there will be additional therapists and therapeutic support. Additionally, some sober living homes offer personal therapy, group therapy sessions, or educational workshops, and an addiction treatment specialist will be in the home to provide those as needed.

The primary support staff during the day includes the house manager and case manager, however. Case managers are generally available by appointment, during walk-in hours, and for group meetings. They provide one-on-one care for residents and can assist them in addressing specific obstacles as they arise and help them troubleshoot to find solutions.

House managers are available all day long for a number of different purposes, including:

  • Helping as needed
  • Providing a listening ear and support
  • Managing house cleaning, meals, chores, grounds work, etc. as needed
  • Facilitating the connection of residents with visitors, including therapeutic staff
  • Helping residents to navigate disputes

Security may be on site as well to protect the residents and other staff members.

Nighttime Staff

At night, there are far fewer staff members in attendance. A live-in house manager may still be available as needed to ensure that rules are followed, and security may also patrol the grounds and be on hand for support as required. In an emergency, residents will have the support that they need, no matter what hour of the night.

On-Call Staff

There is a wide range of staff members who may be on call to assist the residents of a sober living home when their services are required. These may include:

  • Medical emergency personnel. In the event that a resident relapses and overdoses or requires medical assistance for any reason, medical personnel may be on call to assist.
  • Therapeutic assistance. If there is an issue in which a resident requires immediate therapeutic assistance, their psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist may be on call to assist them. This can be an important part of recovery for residents who struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders and experience an episode or an attack that requires intervention.
  • Security. If the security personnel on staff requires backup, they will be able to access the help they need to maintain safety and order.

Staffing Sober Living Homes

Each sober living home is unique in its setup, design, and philosophy and will have different staff members available to different residents on varying schedules based on need. If a resident requires a specific type of support, then the sober living home staff will work to meet that need.

Learn more about the staff members who will be in residence or attendance at sober living homes that will be a good fit for your loved one when you contact us at the phone number listed above today.