Staying Busy While in Sober Living

staying busy while in sober livingDuring active addiction, addicts are focused on nothing but getting more drugs and staying high. The hours fly by, and there is very little boredom or downtime as a result. Remove drug use and drinking from the equation, and the newly sober person faces an ocean of unfilled time. It can feel overwhelming, and if the patient doesn’t find positive ways to fill their hours, the resulting discomfort can be the death knell of their recovery.

How can you stay busy while at a sober living program? It’s far easier and more productive than attempting to do so in any other form of post-rehab recovery. You can:

  • Get involved in the house
  • Volunteer
  • Increase your educational or job development prospects
  • Focus on increasing your overall wellness in recovery

Your Sober Living Home

It is gratifying to improve the place you live, and you can stay busy by making your sober living home a better place to be. Consider:

  • Starting a new garden or attending to a current one
  • Taking on a home improvement project like fixing a walkway, putting in a meditation path, or painting
  • Cooking dinner for the house from scratch

Remember, communication is key, so discuss your potential changes – especially the large ones – with your counselor and other residents of the house before diving in.


Your own problems can feel overwhelming when you are in recovery. In fact, personal issues often drive use of addictive substances. A far healthier form of “medication” for these ills, however, is “getting out of one’s own head” by volunteering to help others who are in greater need. Find out about the volunteer opportunities available near you – boxing up food at a food pantry, providing childcare at the local church during the service, working at a non-profit tutoring center – and offer your services to the organization that speaks to your heart.

Focus on the Future

What will help you to move closer to the career that you feel you are called to do? Do you need to go back to school? To do that, do you need to finish up your GED, or take the SAT or ACT? Or do you just need to update your resume and start looking up job opportunities? In many cases, it may mean a combination of these things. Creating a step-by-step plan that you can follow every day will allow you to break up your path into small actions that you can tackle one at a time.

Your Wellness

When you improve how you feel about yourself, all of your prospects improve as well, including your ability to engage effectively with your recovery and your progress in sober living. Depending upon where you feel most called to focus, it can mean working on your mental acuity, your emotional balance, your spirituality, or your physical self. In most cases, however, attention to all of these is important. You can:

  • Create a nutrition plan that prioritizes healthy eating for weight maintenance, high energy, and mood enhancement
  • Get good sleep every night by rising and going to bed at the same time every day
  • Take time to meditate or actively experience silence and calm every day
  • Create and follow a gentle exercise or workout plan
  • Read a book in a subject of interest, write about something that interests you, take pictures, draw, paint, work with wood or clay – anything that allows you to explore your creative self

Sober Living Can Start Today

Don’t wait to start down your own path in sober living. Contact to us today to learn more about your sober living choices.