Luxury Sober Living Environments

It’s easy to think of addictions as the exclusive province of the poor. People who live in depressed communities are subject to all sorts of pressures and stresses, and it’s easy to see how they might be compelled to medicate the pain and soothe the distress of a painful life by leaning on drugs and alcohol. People who are wealthy might also develop their own addictions, even if they don’t face the same kinds of issues that the poor grapple with on a daily basis. For example, in a study regarding club drugs in the Journal of Substance Abuse, researchers found that most young men who took these drugs were well educated, and they’d achieved some form of financial security. They didn’t need drugs to blot out a damaged life. They had different reasons for their use, and perhaps they had different needs as they healed.

Luxury sober living communities are designed to cater to the needs of addicts in recovery who might have achieved some form of financial success in their lives. The model of care provided in facilities like this might not be overtly different than the care provided in standardized sober homes, but those who take advantage of luxury environments might benefit from the subtle tweaks that make these facilities unique.

Different Care for Different People

The idea that people from luxurious backgrounds might need slightly different care when compared to their economically distressed neighbors isn’t new. In fact, an article from a 1987 edition of the New York Times suggests that people in high and low economic backgrounds come from “two different worlds” in terms of the following:

  • The drugs they use
  • The reasons for taking those drugs
  • The health consequences of drug use
  • The modes of care that might deliver healing

In a sober living environment, this might mean that people in the upper income brackets might need help that those in the lower brackets might not need. Instead of job search help, for example, they might need peer advice on finding a work/life balance. Instead of support group meetings focused on navigating the inner city, they might need help with handling work parties and social functions while sober.

luxury sober livingAn article in Child Development also suggests that affluent people might have lower levels of psychological health, when compared to those in lower income brackets. They might have more things, and the trappings of success, but they might feel more isolated and alone, and they might feel depressed when they realize their financial success can’t buy them a happy life.

Sometimes, persistent psychological distress like this can lead to unhealthy thought patterns that can persist, unless the proper therapy is provided. As a result, sober living facilities for wealthy adults might include more rules and requirements regarding mental health therapy. While standard sober homes might be designed to assist people who are finished with addiction therapy, luxury sober homes might cater to clients who need much more extended help in order to recover.

Additional Benefits

In addition to focusing on therapy, and providing support for the special needs that come with a high economic status, some luxury sober homes provide benefits that are specifically designed to appeal to people with above-average income levels. The homes might utilize the services of interior decorators, and the surroundings might be lavish and beautiful. In addition, clients might be given a little more space, sharing a room with just one person, or with no roommates at all. If food is served, it might be prepared by gourmets and contain only top-of-the-line ingredients.

These amendments aren’t frivolous. Sober living homes are often voluntary, so people can walk out of the doors whenever they’d like to do so. By making the homes a little more attractive and a little more comfortable, administrators are helping their clients to see the value in their stay, and perhaps they’ll be less likely to leave early as a result. If the home wasn’t quite so lovely, and the person in recovery knew that his/her own home was more comfortable, quitting might be easier. Luxury homes might ameliorate that risk.

Getting Help

Many luxury sober living homes advertise their services online, and they might use both photographs and words to describe the services they offer. People who want to find a home like this might not need to do more than just run a search online for the words “luxury sober living home,” and they might be met with hundreds of search results.

We can also help you to find a luxury sober home. Many of the facilities in the Foundations Recovery Network system provide luxurious accommodations for people in need, and we keep a list of all of these facilities on hand for anyone who calls. Please call us to find out more.