Amenities Offered in a Luxury Sober Living

amenities in a luxury sober livingOne of the benefits of choosing a luxury sober living home over other options in aftercare services is the wide range of amenities and resources available. Though not necessary, these amenities can serve to augment treatment and aid patients in focusing on the one thing that matters: recovery from addiction.

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Amenities at Home

At most halfway houses and other bare-bones sober living options, the focus is on function and not the provision of high-end amenities. Patients often live in barracks-like rooms, eating cafeteria-style at long tables, with little to do at the house in the way of entertainment or relaxation.

By comparison, those who opt for a luxury sober living home have a wide range of amenities waiting for them at their new home. These can include any combination of the following, depending upon the specific home:

  • Organic cuisine designed to augment continued detox and promote optimum physical health and high energy
  • Private and semi-private rooms for all residents
  • Jacuzzis and/or swimming pools on the estate
  • Walking and hiking trails on the estate
  • High-end design and décor
  • Ample community living areas and private nooks throughout the house for meditation and relaxation

Therapeutic Amenities

When a sober living home is well funded and not attempting to help too many people with too little funding, as is the case with many halfway houses, there is an increased ability to help residents heal. Because recovery is a continuum that each patient must follow at their own pace, everyone’s therapeutic needs – especially during the transitional period of sober living – are different. This means that it is important for the sober living home to have the resources to offer a wide range of therapeutic amenities to help residents progress quickly and efficiently in their abilities to sustain independent living in sobriety.

Some therapeutic amenities available to those who attend high-end sober living programs include:

  • Life coaching. A life coach can help residents who are unsure what direction they would like to take in sobriety to create an actionable plan they can follow in order to start a new career, rebuild an old one, address family issues, and improve overall quality of life.
  • Skills training. Directly focused upon improving employability, job and skills training in sober living can help residents to improve their financial standing and self-esteem.
  • In-home group sessions. Therapy rooms and communal spaces may be dedicated to the provision of in-home therapy group sessions, 12-step meetings, and house meetings as necessary to help residents as needed.
  • Personal case management. Each resident may have a case manager who can assist them in coordinating their ongoing recovery plan and address any snags they hit along the way.
  • In-home therapeutic sessions. Some sober living homes provide patients with in-home acupuncture sessions, massage and bodywork, yoga classes and more.

Access to Resources

Sober living staff members can aid each resident in accessing any therapeutic support or treatment service needed to improve their ability to avoid relapse. Learn more about the amenities provided by high-end, luxury sober living homes when you call the number above today.