The Benefits of Finding a Luxury Sober Living

benefits of luxury sober livingLuxury sober living homes and estates provide a perfectly balanced start to a life spent in sobriety. The benefits are many, and each patient will experience them differently, but in general, patients who opt for a luxury sober living experience will find benefits that include:

  • The room to heal
  • Organic and locally grown meals
  • High-end amenities
  • Ongoing therapeutic support

The combination of low numbers of residents and high numbers of staff members means that each resident is never without the attention they need to stay on track and focused on their recovery goals. With fewer residents, the available resources are always available when needed with no wait lists or lines. In short, residents have everything they need to enjoy optimum health and continued healing both physically and mentally as they tackle the goals that will help them to find independence in sobriety.

Peaceful Environment

Luxury sober living homes are often landscaped with an eye toward creating a healing environment, and residents often have beautiful views and access to outdoors activities that promote healing, including walks on the beach, hikes through nearby mountains, a soak in the Jacuzzi, or a relaxing swim in the pool.

Both inside and out, residents will have access to private rooms and cozy nooks that are designed to provide peace and quiet for those who would like to read, meditate, journal, or just relax. Even the details of interior design – comfortable couches, large community living spaces, calming color schemes – are all chosen to promote relaxation and healing.


The importance of good nutrition cannot be overstated, especially for someone who is still detoxifying and purging their body of the chemicals ingested during active addiction. This can take months or even years after withdrawal symptoms have ceased, and those in recovery are encouraged to boost the process by making positive nutrition choices, including:

  • Drinking lots of fresh water
  • Choosing organic fruits and vegetables
  • Opting for locally grown foods whenever possible
  • Limiting processed foods and simple sugars

Improving mood and physical wellness through positive food choices is often the goal of luxury sober living homes, just one of many ways that they support optimum progress and healing for residents.

The Little Things

Many residents report that it was the culmination of a hundred little things that made luxury sober living so worth it. Things like:

  • Lots of plants or flowers throughout the home
  • Big cozy pillows in community living spaces
  • A community garden
  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Big bath towels and nice linens
  • Open outdoor areas
  • Hiking and safe walking areas outside on the estate
  • Beach or mountain access from the sober living home
  • Quick access to nearby cities

Continued Progress in Recovery

All the details, architectural design, menus, rules, and amenities are chosen for one purpose: to contribute to the ability of the resident to maintain regular engagement with their recovery. A continuum by definition, recovery is always evolving, and luxury sober living homes often offer a wide range of therapeutic resources to residents or encourage their involvement in the local recovery community. Residents may take part in:

  • Weekly case manager meetings at the house
  • 12-step meetings at the house
  • 12-step meetings in the community
  • Continued attendance in personal therapy, group therapy, and holistic treatment options

Learn more about the benefits of luxury sober living homes and determine which style of sober living is best suited to your needs when you contact us at the phone number listed above.