What Are the Most Popular Sober Living Destinations?

popular sober living destinationsThere are a number of different destinations that are popular among people seeking support from a sober living home. Some choose big cities, while others prefer the quiet of the country. Still others find a home that is located close to the beach or the mountains. Some residents base their decision on the proximity of the home to their family, children, or work/school obligations.

A personal choice, each resident is encouraged to choose their sober living destination based on their needs for recovery.

Nature and Landscapes

Often people choose a sober living destination based on their favorite vacations. Where better to continue the healing process after drug addiction treatment than in a location that is reminiscent of the happiest of times? With this idea in mind, many residents opt for sober living homes at or near the beach or the mountains. The ability to look out the window and enjoy vista views can be very calming – much more so than looking out onto a busy street or another building. Additionally, having beautiful natural landscapes nearby means constant access to walks and hikes that can provide meditation or high-intensity workouts, both of which can augment recovery and overall wellness.

City Access

Some residents choose their sober living home based on its proximity to nearby cities. Because sober living offers support in the transition into a new life in recovery, it makes sense to opt for a home that is where one would ultimately like to live and work. Many residents use their time in sober living to look for a new job that will sustain them after they leave and a new place to live once they are no longer in need of the intensive support provided by a sober living home. This isn’t necessarily useful if the sober living home is far from the ultimate home destination, so many residents choose a sober living estate that provides easy commute access to where they want to live and work for years to come.

Close to Home

For residents who have a family at home and would ultimately like to return to living with them, then it may be a good idea to choose a sober living home that is nearby. Though the resident will not be going home very often during their stay – certainly not enough to make it a factor in sober living choices – it may be beneficial to those who are actively engaged in family therapy or couples counseling to be close enough so that all parties can take part easily.

Legal Issues

For some residents, recovery began due to arrest and court-ordered drug rehab. As a result, they may need to choose a sober living home based on its proximity to the court, their parole officer, or their case manager, especially if regular check-ins are required.

Still other residents are working to regain custody of their children and have the option of supervised visitation with their children during recovery. They will likely need to choose a sober living home that provides them with easy access to the supervised visitation location and/or family court so they can be present for all court and mediation sessions.

Sober living homes are an excellent idea for residents who have legal obligations because they offer the highest level of support in recovery and have been shown to provide the lowest rates of relapse among patients after treatment as compared to outpatient-only support and no aftercare options at all.

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