What Do the Best Sober Living Environments Offer?

best sover livingThere are sober living options of all kinds in terms of the amenities, therapeutic support, and environment they provide to residents. At one end of the spectrum are barebones options that provide the minimum care – often multiple people in a barracks-style room, with cafeteria-style food, strict curfews and chore lists.

Luxury sober living homes are at the other end of the spectrum. These often:

  • Are situated on large estates
  • Are surrounded by mountains and/or ocean
  • Offer access to a wide range of therapeutic support options
  • Serve organic cuisine
  • Provide private and semi-private rooms
  • Offer a number of amenities, including Jacuzzi access, large community living spaces, private therapeutic rooms, and more

Which one is better? In almost every case, a sober living home that has the resources to provide an environment of healing and relaxation as well as ongoing therapeutic support is the ideal for residents looking to transition from a drug addiction treatment center into independent living characterized by health and sobriety.

Sober Living Environment Options

There are a number of different choices in sober living environments. Which one best suits your personality or that of your loved one in recovery?

  • City access. While there are some sober living homes located in the middle of a busy city, these are not very often the situation of choice. Noisy, stressful, with multiple relapse options right outside the doors and little property devoted to the provision of relaxation, few prefer it over more rural options. Many residents, on the other hand, prefer a sober living home that is near, but not necessarily in, a major city so they can take part in 12-step meetings and other community resources. Additionally, many who opt to move into the city after sober living prefer to choose a sober living home that is nearby because it allows them to more easily find a job and new home in that city.
  • Rural environments. The open space and fresh air offered by the countryside is often the location of choice for residents looking for a sober living home. These can often be found with quick access to the city if necessary, but they provide residents with the ability to continue to focus on health, wellness and balance when they are at home. Some sober living homes have animals in residence as well, while others offer estates large enough to include walking trails and other outdoor activities.
  • Mountains. The mountains are an idyllic location for a sober living home. Vista views and hiking and camping options keep residents fit and relaxed as they continue their recovery. Many residents appreciate the mountain air and the isolated feel of the mountain environment.
  • Ocean. The ocean offers another beautiful landscape option, with the peaceful sound of waves on the shore, and it also provides the opportunity for sunset or sunrise walks as well as high-energy activities like surfing and boogie boarding. A wide range of residents prefer a sober living environment that is near or overlooking the ocean so they can more easily take advantage of these amenities.

Which Sober Living Option Is Right for You?

How do you know which sober living environment will best serve your ability to remain focused in recovery? It’s a personal choice, and after the basic issues have been addressed – proximity to family if necessary, job or school options, access to therapeutic options, etc. – many residents simply go where they feel most comfortable.

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