Alumni Programs

alumni programsAfter successful completion of a drug addiction treatment program, many patients benefit from maintaining the therapeutic relationships they created while in treatment when they return home. Alumni programs are one such way to do this, allowing patients who have bonded together during treatment to keep in touch and continue to support one another through regular meetings or meet-ups.

Alumni programs can take a number of forms, depending upon the organization, and it’s one of many options that can bolster therapeutic growth in recovery for residents who choose to go to a sober living home after drug rehab.

The Benefits of Maintaining Positive Bonds

Going through detox and the initial phase of addiction therapy is taxing, emotional, and lonely for many patients. Without the support of others who are going through the same process, many feel that they would not otherwise have made it through drug rehab. The idea of losing this support can be painful and scary, and many patients feel more capable of remaining clean and sober in recovery when they have ongoing communication with the people who began their journey with them.

Additionally, many people in recovery find that they must find a whole new group of friends when they leave drug rehab. Prior to treatment, all their friends drank heavily or got high. After treatment, these are no longer functional or appropriate relationships. Maintaining the connection made with others who have chosen a drug-free path makes it easier to remain focused on the principles of sobriety in recovery.

Alumni Program Services

There are a number of different ways that alumni programs allow for past patients to reconnect after treatment. Some offer:

  • Regular alumni group meetings
  • Occasional alumni outings or social events
  • The opportunity to return to the rehab center to share their experience in recovery with current patients
  • An open-door policy to return whenever, and if ever, it is necessary to reconnect with active treatment

Any combination of these options can augment an aftercare program that is built around helping the patient to make the transition from drug rehab to independent living in sobriety.

Alumni Programs and Sober Living

Alumni program offerings fit perfectly into sober living. In some cases, patients can take advantage of even more therapeutic options including personal therapy and holistic treatments, when they choose a sober living estate that is connected to a drug rehab program. In other cases, residents can work alumni opportunities into their schedule by working with staff members on both ends, bringing a sober companion as needed.

Sober living is often a part of an alumni program offered by a drug rehab. Inpatients are welcome to continue their recovery by transferring to the sober living estate and adjusting their therapeutic schedule according to the new standard of care. This can be an exciting opportunity for patients because it marks real progress in their recovery, but it also offers an element of safety because it is a familiar place and often includes regular interactions with familiar staff members.

Will Alumni Programs Be a Part of Your Life in Recovery?

You have a number of options when it comes to choosing which treatment services to incorporate into your recovery plan. If you would like assistance making this choice or if you would like more information about the different types of therapeutic assistance you have to choose from in the sober living environment, contact us at the phone number listed above today.