Recovery Comes First

recovery comes firstPriorities are important. During addiction, maintaining a constant supply of the drug of choice and staying high or drunk as often as possible were the priorities. In recovery, the priority is the exact opposite: to avoid relapse at all costs.

Every choice made in sober living – including which sober living estate to call home – should be made based on its ability to improve the strength of the resident in recovery. Conversely, if there is any chance that a decision will bring with it the risk of relapse, it should be avoided at all costs. Working together with the staff at a sober living home, residents can create an aftercare treatment plan that will help them to improve their ability to stand alone in recovery.

What Is Important to You?

How do you want to define your life going forward? In the past, all your decisions were made based upon your ability to avoid withdrawal symptoms and the consequences of addiction. This may have led you to lie, steal, cheat and commit other acts that are a source of shame to you now. Going forward, your goal should be to make decisions you can be proud of. This means doing nothing that you will have to conceal later and making choices for which there will be little or no negative consequences. It’s a new way of thinking that may difficult to adopt at first, but it’s this different perspective that will help you to alter your course going forward and help you to remain on track when life threatens to throw you off.

Will This Decision Threaten My Recovery?

When it’s time to determine what to do or what not to do, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will this choice increase my stress level?
  • Will this choice hurt anyone I love?
  • Will this choice put me in physical harm?
  • Will this choice put me in a situation where I will have access to drugs or alcohol?
  • Does this choice have the potential to threaten my freedom because it is in any way illegal?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, don’t make the choice to involve yourself.

Who Are You Living for in Sobriety?

While it’s admirable to make positive choices in order to save your marriage, be a better parent to your children, or a benefit to your family, it’s important that you maintain your commitment to sobriety for yourself. It’s not something you can do for anyone else, and it’s okay to focus on your well-being and health. Studies show that little else has the power to help you stick to your principles in sobriety than self-preservation and the personal benefits that come with a drug-free life.

Choosing a sober living home is the first step in prioritizing recovery after drug rehab. Returning home too quickly can ring the death knell for long-term sobriety. It’s important to take the time necessary to make strides in therapeutic recovery before subjecting yourself to the stressors that come with starting over after addiction.

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